Cwtch launch and preview at Dandelion Radio

Preview by Mark Whitby, Dandelion Radio, 2 Feb 2009

"If you’ve heard my Dandelion shows before, chances are you’ve heard the members of Cwtch both together and separately, but never before as Cwtch. As Dementio13 and Pixieguts, they delighted us last year with mountains of electronic sound such as ‘Clearview’ and ‘Pixiegraf’, topped off with Pixieguts’ trademark vocal lines, by turns bewitching, enticing and eerie. Like getting drained slowly and left for undead by the most beautiful vampire you ever met.

Because Pixieguts lives in Australia, and Dementio13 does his stuff in Cardiff, Wales, Cwtch are emblematic of a time in which, following the gradual breakdown of barriers such as social class, technology and actually being able to play over the last few generations, now presents geography as no problem either. I don’t know if they’ve ever met or if they ever plan to meet, and I like the fact that this is utterly insignificant.

Dementio13 has been doing some of the most exciting electronic stuff of recent years whatever he’s turned his hand to (I’d highly recommend last year’s ‘Blacklung Mixer’ album), and Pixieguts adds that further dimension of both sound and space that allows the stuff to reach into spectral areas that even he doesn’t get to alone. It’s like a sonic magician with an assistant that sounds pretty one moment, the next is sawing herself in half.

But I’m conscious that my descriptions get nowhere near describing what the music of Cwtch is like. You’ve got to hear it, which is why I’ve given over some of my February show on Dandelion Radio to previewing four of their tracks. I could have played something from the new Von Bondies album, more from the Future Of the Left live album, of some of those Diplo remixes he’s put out. But I thought it was more important that you heard what Cwtch were doing, and I didn’t want to leave it to just one track.

So you can hear ‘Something’, ‘Of Worms’, ‘Prose & Poem’ and ‘Carnival’ on the February show. You can hear loads of other great stuff too, but even if that weren’t the case, you should listen just to hear these four songs because they’re excellent.

As usual, the show is streaming at various times throughout the month at www.dandelionradio.com and you can find out exactly when by checking the schedule on the website. To find out more about what Dementio13 and Pixieguts are doing, or have been doing, check out:


And let Pixieguts introduce you to even more great stuff, go to http://pixiespalace.ning.com and find yourself in a music world with such an embarrassment of musical riches and great artists that I’m chiding myself severely because I know there’s stuff on there I haven’t discovered yet. I’m going there now. So should you, right after your visit to Dandelion Radio."